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Vibrations in Creations

For Yuka, fashion designer behind the label Otsu, the transference of sentiment through fabric is a literal thing. Wearing an Otsu garment means participating in a continuation of emotion through sensation. 

"Wearing something that’s cheap or a copy, while it might look the same, will carry with it different vibrations. Creation always carries an artist's vibrations, and everything has vibrations in different levels. 

If you get a garment which has a soul and love in it you feel happier. You can actually feel it so easily. That’s how I try to make clothes. If I don’t feel right about it then I won’t make it. I just want to make people happy and that makes me happy as well. 

You’re touching the fabrics when you make a garment. Everyone touches the fabrics. So I will handle the fabrics and make the pattern, and then the machinist will sew, and then they go to the retailer, so everyone touches the clothes. And through that, everyone can feel how I feel about my work. Because how a designer feels is transparent and transferred into their garments, so if I’m happy with how I choose to do things then that happiness will live in the things I make. 

People have said to me that when they wear my clothes they feel so happy in comparison to them feeling cool or trendy, and that’s so nice to hear."

Conversation with Otsu fashion designer Yuka Maud.