Fresh Problems

Fashion brands fixated on singular issues trending with consumers (e.g., using only organic cotton) don't often approach supply chain issues holistically, and while trying to solve problems in one area end up creating new problems in others. Tiffany is often torn when it comes to fashion in light of the important information that is not found in ethical fashion reports. 

"Ethical fashion reports quite often stop at a certain point of the supply chain. My friend is really passionate about human rights in places like South America and she was once saying that some of the organic cotton fields in parts of South America were using more land mass than the country could afford because it was cutting into farm land. As a result, the area wasn't producing enough food, trade was affected, and the shortage of food caused famine issues all because of the organic cotton that was being grown in their country for international companies." 

Conversation with David Jones Wellington Visual Merchandiser Tiffany Ngan.