Tess Norquay fashion conversation with James Butters from ai at Havana Coffee Works Tory Street Wellington City.JPG

Deeper Meaning

Many contemporary fashion reports are callow representations that lack respect for the deeper conceptual frameworks visually articulated through collections. Opportunities to understand and propagate meaningful ideals are lost on those inadequate to the task. As a result, the value of fashion is unnecessarily diminished.

“It’s interesting to see how others categorise your work. The concept behind my fashion week collection, for example, was about addressing patriarchy using fashion as the medium, yet it was interesting to see that concept diluted down to ‘Tess Norquay likes bright colours and layers’. It’s not like I’d expect them to read my entire thesis as a companion piece to viewing the collection, but it was a weird feeling not really having any agency over how your collection was understood and represented.”

Conversation with fashion designer Tess Norquay.