Scott Orr

"When you're a bike messenger you start to buy things that are really reliable and strong and that's when I started buying decent clothing. I'm quite brutal towards any of my gear - camera gear, clothing, anything. So when I'm in a clothing shop, the first thing that I actually do is rip and tear at it to see how strong it is rather than looking at it aesthetically. It still has to look good but the durability is way more important to me. 

It's like when you're watching one of those army movies and the guy has just turned up from Afghanistan and he drops down the big duffel bag with the thick zip. That's durable you know. That's what I'm all about. If someone was shooting you with a machine gun, you're going to jump inside that bag you know. That's the kind of shit I want.

So I started really getting into bike messenger style, like the guys in Seattle that would have tight skinny black jeans and then just strong canvas bike messenger bags. And that would be what you'd wear during work but then you'd carry that same aesthetic through the rest of your day and night."

Conversation with content creator Scott Orr.