Valuable Stories

Storytelling is an effective mechanism for transmitting information, propagating ideas, and reinforcing values. A common tool in commerce, the story behind a product helps create a common ground with customers.

“Value is indeterminate, and it can be hard to establish value based solely on a product’s physical elements, like the specific materials used and all that. You have to be able to weave value into something more marketable, like a story. Stories are palatable. They’re memorable. They’re transferable. They can easily be digested and passed on.

Every brand we have here has a story behind it, and it’s important for me and my staff to know those stories and to be able to communicate them to each customer. And people are genuinely interested in them. They want to know who’s behind a brand and what’s behind a product.”

Conversation with Precinct 35 owner Prak Sritharan.