Strategy Behind Advertising

A brand's online advertising can have a negative impact on consumers if it lacks strategy. As the digital advertising industry grows, so do the number of individuals within it (each a consumer in their own right) who posses advertising acumen and the ability to see certain advertising approaches for what they are - lazy and lacking any real thought. As digital nous increases, so does the need for smarter, strategic, and more involved approaches.

"Because I work in digital advertising I can be a little cynical when it comes to the advertising presented to me as a consumer. It's easy for me to see the difference between good and bad advertising. Say I visit a site once and then get followed around the internet by that brand because they don't have their frequency capping correct, that's automatically going to turn me off. Or if I've already purchased from the brand but they keep sending me ads for a product that I already own. 

With consumers receiving thousands of branded messages online each day, marketers can no longer expect transactional advertising to stick. They need their consumers to emotionally engage with branded content, and they need to form authentic connections through educational journeys and storytelling. If they can make a consumer stop and engage with their content, products, and people, then they're doing something right." 

Conversation with Uprise Digital’s Phoebe Prescott.