The Good and the Bad

Fashion is perceived both positively and negatively by everyone, and for equally valid reasons. 

“Part of me kind of hates fashion because it seems quite exclusive, especially if we’re talking about the word fashion which makes me think of models and labels and trends and stuff like that. Part of me doesn’t like it because it excludes a lot of people that don’t have money. It’s a status thing - you need to have money to be able to follow these trends. While that’s OK in some instances, it’s not OK in a lot. 

Fashion is often a factor of whether you’re accepted or considered cool, even from a young age, and that’s not OK. I don’t know if you remember the USA hoodies? There was this phase back when I was in intermediate where everyone had to have these hoodies. You had to have one of these hoodies to be cool. It was ridiculous.”

Conversation with YouTube personality Matt Mulholland.