Fashion Communities

Lasting success in fashion is contingent on the ability of a brand to truly connect on a human level, and this is the primary way in which Mal connects with fashion. 

“I look at stuff on Instagram but I’m not really informed by it. I think it’s just the ritualistic process of instant gratification because we’re satisfied by aesthetics of beauty and art, and Instagram is aesthetically pleasing. But I haven’t bought anything online because of it. I’m really only informed of fashion through my friends and community.

My good friend Nadia owns ENA, and the reason I think she’s doing so well is because of her networking skills and her connectedness. She’s got her community here and she’s worked at Good as Gold, Area 51, and The Service Depot, so she knows people and she fosters relationships really well.

I suppose I hold quite a traditional way of doing things. Nadia, she holds events regularly because it’s such a powerful way to bind the community together and make those meaningful connections. I love it when she holds those events. And when it comes down to it, humans are social creatures. We crave that connection. Those face-to-face connections, rather than being so lonely and on social media.

Conversation with Malisha Frawley.