Something We've Lost

Do take now, pay later purchase options contribute to a lack of connection with our garments? Does an ease of accessibility reinforce a frivolity with fashion, or does it democratise the industry?

“I think that take now, pay later options are both good and bad. For one, it gives people access to expensive and high-quality items which is fantastic for small New Zealand businesses. It opens up a market for them to continue making good quality, well-priced items/garments. But I do believe in the act of saving for that special piece you want.

I have found that consumers are still using the take now, pay later option for even the smallest of items which means people are consuming more. We’ve lost the idea of 'I really love this piece so I'm going to work hard and save for it and when I finally purchase it I am going take care and cherish it because I worked so hard to obtain it'. I personally think that’s a bad thing because consumers are losing the connection with their garments and therefore consuming more.

I remember talking to this girl at fashion week and she told me she still clearly remembered having to save and save and save just to buy her first piece from WORLD, and there’s something special about that but we seem to have lost it. And so much of the meaning behind fashion has been lost with it."

Conversation with fashion retail assistant Lucy Heffernan.