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Redefining our Relationship with Technology

We verge on the ushering in of an era of true symbiosis with technology. An era that will reinforce our relationship and redefine its parameters.

“Our reality is that our phones now listen to us. They’re listening all the time. And though privacy is still a current concern for a lot of people, I predict that in the next few years as we become used to it, and accustomed to a considerably easier life as a result, that there will be a general acceptance of it.

People aren't going to want to have to type into their phones, they're going to want to be able to just speak into it. That’s why voice search is one of the up-and-coming things companies are latching on to in order to get a more competitive edge.

Companies now need to make sure they're optimising their sites to run by voice search because it’s going to be one of the massive contributors toward a company's SEO in the next few years.”

Conversation with Digital Strategist Lisa Jaques.