Lianne Brooks Hall conversation with James Butters from ai insights at Qilin Tea House Wellington City.JPG


Are we deprived of equilibrium? Constantly imbalanced and functioning at a dangerous mental deficit?

“There are two sides to your nervous system - the sympathetic and parasympathetic. Your sympathetic is how you respond to things, particularly if you’re stressed or in danger. It’s your fight or flight. And there are all of these chemical responses and things that happen basically to ensure your survival. Your parasympathetic, the other side, is what you need so that you can rest, and digest your food, and assimilate things, and carry out all those processes that are really important in order to stay balanced.

What’s happening in society today is that people are staying in this heightened state of alert all the time. Stuck in sympathetic response. Never switching off. Constantly distracted. Always on their phone. Reacting to every notification. Unable to be present because they’re thinking about their next thing. And that really affects the nervous system.“

Conversation with Lianne Brooks Hall.