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Kristina Allerborn

"Many people don't hold fabrics with any real... I can't think of the word in English... wertschätzung [esteem, appreciation, regard].
I worked at a major chain retailer and I saw how they treated the clothes. They didn't have any respect for the fabrics and they would just throw them on the floor. It was really hard to see. What they didn't sell they would put in a box and just throw it away, or they'd send it away to another store. And every second or third day they would get new designs in store, so you couldn't appreciate the things that were new because there was more coming in so quickly. That's how everything works there. You don't get to appreciate how beautiful each design is because things move too fast. 

Fashion is important, but we have to think about how we consume it. In my opinion, if you care for your clothes, even if some of the fabrics aren't that good, then you can wear anything for a long time. But many people don't have this love for their clothes and they wear things once or twice and then they just throw it away. 

You don't have to have the newest t-shirt, or pants, or coat, you just have to have a nice item which fits you well. That's the key for looking good - wearing clothes that fit you. People often put something on which is too small around the shoulder or on the hips, but they wear it because it's new or it's in the magazines. But it doesn't look good on them. Clothes should fit well and then you automatically look good. That's why I think every person should have their own style. They should have clothing because it suits them and suits their personality rather than having something because it's new or because it's on the runway. It should represent who they are through their own style."

Conversation with stylist Kristina Allerborn.