Any Body

For many, fashion can cause undue stress through body benchmarks arbitrarily set by designers. The financially-viable ready-to-wear approach, combined with entrenched sizing (sample and standard), require individuals to have to literally 'fit in' to the predefined norm.

"You're always searching through racks in stores and there are a hundred size 6's and a hundred size 8's and you know you're never going to squeeze into those, and then there's three of you fighting over the only size 12. I think that's a big thing and I think it reveals what brands consider fashionable. I mean, Marilyn Monroe is stunning and she was a size 14. So why can't we get back to that? Why can't we get back to finding beauty in real bodies?"

"There's this movie out called 'Embrace' and it's about the body image industry. It's about embracing your body and going to the gym because it's good for you, physically and mentally, not because you're trying to achieve this specific shape you think you have to be. I think that's a good thing for us to be encouraging."

Conversation with barrister Julia Robertson.