Jes Chang

"I don't do the whole two or three collections each year like most designers do. One reason is because I can’t always get my hands on fabrics I'm 100% happy with. I love pure silk and I want to continue featuring that but sometimes my suppliers can't source enough or it comes with a mix of viscose or other synthetic fibres.

Part of my ethos is to feature all natural fabrics so when that isn’t possible, I’d rather wait. With Children of Promise (COP) I want to establish the brand by creating garments I'm completely in love with instead of just producing for the sake of producing.

My suppliers are good and they're sustainably minded. They purchase off cuts from fabric mills who mass produce fabrics for international designers. That’s why our pieces are all limited edition, because once I sell out of a certain style, there isn’t any more of the same fabric available. This works in our favour as it keeps things exclusive and I think that’s another unique selling point for COP."

Conversation with Children of Promise fashion designer Jes Chang.