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As a policy consultant and senior associate, Jason’s work centres around making important decisions following robust research. This approach to daily decision making carries over into his own personal purchasing behaviours. 

With fashion, while cost and construction are important considerations, too much time and information can be debilitating and cause indecision and ambivalence. That is where Jason finds that the comments and compliments of others who are present while he’s shopping end up being the predominant purchase prompt. 

"With my wife Jamie, I’m more likely to buy something when I shop with her. She’s much more impulsive and I need to have done research to the nth degree of everything to make sure that what I’m buying is good quality for the price or that there’s not a similar cheaper option, and to know where something’s from and all that sort of stuff. Whereas she’s like 'oh that’s cool, it looks good on you, just buy it'. So I like to go shopping with her or someone else like her that makes me purchase things that look good rather than me just thinking about the costs and not buying anything in the end."

Conversation with policy senior associate Jason Carpenter.