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Transhumanism and Couture

"My thesis focused on Transhumanism and Couture, so looking at the future of technology and the body. A lot of limbs are becoming augmented these days and there’s a lot more experimentation going on with amputees and limb options. I’m making the prediction that in the future we’re going to be able to actually choose to amputate our limbs in favour of better limbs that will enhance our abilities as humans, because that’s the way technology is going. 

Viktoria Modesta is a UK popstar and she had an accident at birth which resulted in a leg deformity. And at the age of 20 she chose to amputate her leg rather than continue to live with a disability, and by making that choice she actually enabled her body. She’s gone on to design the most amazing prosthetics. She’s got this prosthetic leg which is just a giant spike. It looks so alien but it’s so beautiful because it’s the essence of a stiletto yet it’s a piece of her body. It’s a whole new realm for fashion and invention. 

And fashion houses are already involved in things like this. Aimee Mullins [a double amputee] and Alexander McQueen worked together and he did a collection where he sent wooden corsets down the runway all stitched up in a frankenstein sort of way. Then Amy herself came down the runway wearing wooden legs that Alexander McQueen had designed and nobody even noticed because it just looked like it was part of his collection. But really they were fake legs and they were beautiful and fit perfectly with the fashion collection. It was amazing."

Conversation with Massey University fashion graduate Holly Dodson.