The Why

As creatures of context we connect with narratives, and stories are so important in fashion. Through them we are able to connect on a deeper and more meaningful and lasting level than just what the product is or how it is made. It is the why behind the product, the materialisation of the emotion and the inspiration and the mind of the designer who created it. 

"I was in Sydney, I was looking for a wallet, and I went to a market and there was this old lady who handmade wallets and bags and she had a story about every single one she had made. I would ask her about a particular wallet and she would talk to me with this story of why she made it like she did, what the colours meant, what the patterns were about, and I thought that was so cool. So I ended up buying my wallet from her.

You don’t really have conversations like those too often because when you go into a store the designers aren’t there, just the shop assistants, and they don’t really know about the clothes.

You don’t often come across people who are really passionate about how things are made and why they’re made that way. I think when shop assistants are passionate about things it’s so much better. That way if someone asks you why you’re wearing something you can say I’m wearing it because this designer made it for these reasons. I get so many compliments from the wallet and people asking about it and I tell them I got it from this lady in Sydney, it’s a one-of-a-kind, handmade, leather, she’s embossed it, painted it, stained it. I think it’s really cool." 

Conversation with international model Faye Nielsen.