The Diversity Dividend

Assimilation breeds innovation and allows for the exploration of opportunities for new connections to be made between diverse perspectives.

"Variety is so important as a producer, otherwise you can become pigeonholed. That's why I work with a variety of different artists. I work regularly with Drax Project but I also produced Jon Toogood's 'The Adults' record. I'm developing a couple of young artists including Neil McLeod, who's a fantastic song writer, while at the same time writing with Six60.

Brian Eno is the perfect example of this. He produced U2’s 'The Joshua Tree' album but the entire time he was also producing early ambient music and working on a number of other very different projects. And I idolise him for that, because he's someone who was able to cross-pollinate between so many different areas of music, like making an ambient album that resonated with an extremely niche audience to producing one of the biggest mainstream albums of all time.

And it's because he exposed himself to different communities and subcultures. All of those different influences, all of his electronic exploration in the early days, helped him transform 'The Joshua Tree’ album, and I think there's so much credibility in that and in being able to genuinely represent and bring underground subcultures into the mainstream in such a clever way."

Conversation with Devin Abrams, Music Producer and Artist at Pacific Heights.