Chris Park

"I recently returned from Paris a few months ago and seeing how people dress on a daily basis over there changed how I view fashion. It made me appreciate the finer things about tailoring, textiles, and construction more than I did previously. So now it’s more than about just the overall look - it’s also about the quality. The quality is something that I enjoy for myself, almost like a self-indulgent luxury, rather than something that I'm showing to other people.

There were so many French brands that I saw during my time there. To be honest there was nothing particularly unique or avant-garde about their aesthetic or their construction, but they all produce thoughtfully tailored clothing that’s beautifully constructed using really nice materials, and the way they use colour is excellent.

There are some stores in NZ that sell the same type of stuff but it’s limited, particularly for menswear. So other than the occasional NZ statement piece, I think I will be buying most of my clothing from overseas."

Conversation with fashion blogger Chris Park.