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If It's Not Fun It's Not Cool

Fashion fulfills a diversity of motives - emotional stimulus often being paramount. Brent's focus with his jewellery label, 27 Mollys, is to present an offering of pieces that are fundamentally cool, fun, and lighthearted.

"The name 27 Mollys started as a joke and then turned into something that me and my friends said heaps. I didn't want it to be something serious. My main objective was to make something fun that makes people laugh and look at my stuff and say 'that's cool'. If it's not fun or cool then it doesn't work for me. No one wants to be serious all the time.

Even right now, I'm making a second collection and one half of me is thinking about what I need to do and the other half of me is like 'fuck this shit, just do something fun and cool'. As an example, I've named all my earrings after my favourite Young Thug songs. There's a pair called Daddy’s Birthday, and there's a pair called Fuck Cancer.

That's my mindset when making my stuff, to not take it seriously. Obviously I want to know what I'm doing when constructing the pieces, like I want there to be certain finishing touches and small personalised things that make people go 'ah, that's cute', but I just keep reminding myself that if the shit’s not fun then it's not cool. I don't want to be serious. That's the mindset behind 27 Mollys."

Conversation with jeweller Brent Paye of 27 Mollys.