"I’m seeing this massive push toward authenticity in business, and consumers are craving authenticity. Especially if you look at what’s going on with fake news. Media is moving toward this fake advertising where you can’t really believe anything and no one knows what’s actually really going on. So when a brand comes across as being genuine and authentic it’s really appealing because there’s something in us that seeks it out.

AllBirds tapped into that. They got in at a time where the likes of Nike and Adidas were trying to do these simple shoes but they’re not a simple business, they’re huge conglomerates. AllBirds just said hey, we’re different, and our design ethos is 'simple is better', and we use honest products and we’re going to tell you our story honestly and we’re not ashamed to say we’re small. All that sort of thing. And people just went - that’s awesome."

"With a lot of the brands we’re working with, if they’re just honest and tell their story people really want to get on that journey and they want to feel like they’re part of it. I think the whole being honest is a very powerful sales tool these days. And the content we are making these days is heading that way as well. We’re making less ads and more of what I call infotainment. It’s telling brand stories in a way that is engaging. 

A great example is an organic tampon company [LOLA] that we worked with, based out of New York. They came to us to make some content to help launch the brand and we made them an ad and it was really cool and it was funny and it was aligned with their brand. We also recorded the founders talking about their first periods and why they came up with the brand and how they just discovered one day that it was insane that they didn’t know what they were putting in their bodies. When they looked into it they found that tampons are full of chemicals and that the people who design tampons are a bunch of dudes. And they were like, what the fuck. So they built a brand around making a genuine product, making something that’s healthy for women and something that everybody needs. 

The ad that we put out did well and it got a couple million views which, from our standpoint, was a success. Then about a month later we put out the founder video and it blew up with over a million views in less than 24 hours. So many people were sharing the video which helped project them massively and now Lena Dunham has come on as one of their main investors. To me, the reason it did so well is because they’ve just been authentic and they’re telling the story as it is and people are drawn to that."

Conversation with Wrestler owner Benjamin Forman.