Ben Stonyer from Phantom Billstickers fashion conversation with James Butters from ai at Goods Cafe Wellington City.jpg

Physical Advertising

The glut of digital advertising has contributed to a growing aversion among consumers, and a behavioural change in the way they’re responding. Many actively avoid the plethora of digital noise in favour of something more real. The incipient rebellion against the endless intangible reinforces the value of tried and true, physical advertising options, like posters.

“Digital is still just ones and zeros on a screen, and the digital space is infinite. Whereas posters are real and tangible and people can actually physically interact with them on a street level, as has been the case with so many of our campaigns. Digital can be a lot cheaper, and in many ways more hyper-targeted, but people go out of their way now to avoid digital ads. You can ad block on digital but you can’t ad block a poster. It sounds really bad to say it like that but it’s true. Outdoor is unavoidable. The bus shelters and billboards and buildings we walk past every day, they’re unavoidable.”

Conversation with Phantom Billstickers’ Commercial Manager Ben Stonyer.