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Everything Should Be Personal

"When I lived in Portland, I shared a shop with a bespoke shoemaker guy. I had lots of weird projects going on - carving, metal working, etc. But half of the shop was just shoe stuff, and we just hung out there. I slowly learned the process of making shoes by helping him here and there. He's a super rad bespoke guy and you can always learn something new from other people because everyone has a different point of view.

But fashion for me has always been more of a personal thing. Some people are trying to make a business from it, but for me I just always like making shit for myself. It's cool because it's another piece of art that you've made, like an illustration, but you're wearing it, you know what I mean? Everything should be personal man. I just feel like we have a thing where we just buy lots of stuff but I think everything should be like a weird personal expression of yourself. 

The more I do, the more I realise the things that I love the most are the things that I have made myself, you know? You attach memories to it. It's cool. And you always feel a sense of pride with it."

Conversation with Apple’s Bayard Baudoin.