Engaging Imagery

Photography is an essential mechanism for engaging fashion, however it is often not how the garment is shown but rather how the garment is portrayed – in a moment of beauty and emotion. 

“I can remember opening my first issue of Vogue years ago in a hair salon in Salisbury, Maryland while my mom was getting her hair done. There was something about that September issue. I remember starting to tune into not necessarily what fashion magazines had in them but the pictures. They were just beautiful. There’s a magic to it. It’s almost like you feel like a princess when you’re looking at those images because you can put yourself into them.  

There would have to be such a symbiosis happening. Such a special moment between the designer, the ambiance, the photographer and the model to capture that perfect image.

I think a really good photographer creates a story in their imagery. They seem to be able to capture the true essence of something. There’s an emotional hook when you look at the photo, something in there or something they saw in their vision, and it translates through the lens and comes out and you see all that emotion on paper.”

Bombarded with endless editorial noise, silent imagery can deliver a moment of beauty and stillness and singularity, contrasting daily chaos in a way that can capture our attention and more powerfully engage us with fashion. 

Conversation with PR consultant Anne Buttar.