Many labels fail to provide the depth of supply chain information that an increasing number of consumers want and expect to be readily available. Stronger connections occur when labels can effectively educate on the various constituents of their production process, and Annabelle intends to provide this level of engagement for customers of her own label '1123'.   

"At the point of sale I'd want to be able to educate the consumer on what has gone into the garment they've just purchased - how many people were involved, where the materials came from, how many hours it took to put together, and how many hours it took to design and develop - so that for the consumer at the other end it helps create a larger sense of respect for the garment.

Maybe it will be treated not just as clothing but as a special item that somebody saves up to buy and really looks forward to when they get to wear it next. That story might then be shared around such that that's how the brand is known as well, because of those points of difference rather than just having a tag that simply says '1123 - Made in NZ - $200', with that being the end of it. Simply becoming part of that person's wardrobe and not really anything more or anything special that they connect with."

Conversation with 1123 fashion designer Annabelle Fitzgerald.