Precious to Me

It is not uncommon to become indifferent to fashion. Excess and a lack of appraisal can spoil the esteem we place on the garments we own. And there does appear to be a direct correlation between ownership of fewer items and an increase in the fervour we hold for them. 

"You've actually caught me at a very interesting time because I'm really struggling to figure out where I sit with clothes and fashion. Currently, everything I own I loathe to the point that now I'm just wearing my boyfriend's clothes, literally. Like this is his jumper and his shirt. 

I don't like any of the things that I own and a lot of them don't fit me properly either because I’ve become a lot smaller from doing the show [That Bloody Woman]. So now everything doesn't fit and even the garments that I really love don't sit on me the way they used to."

"... I'm not a materialistic person but the things I do own are very precious to me and have some sort of story attached to them and I think clothes are the same. I used to love exploring with clothes when I lived overseas and then when I came back to NZ I just got too many comments on them. Often really positive ones but I don't really like making a huge statement with my clothes if you know what I mean. But with that in mind, I don't mind talking about my clothes when it’s attached to storytelling and when it's attached to who I am as a person rather than just an item of clothing that I've bought where there's no connection. 

Even though I wouldn't consider myself a fashionable person, in that I don't really follow trends, I definitely connect to my clothes on an emotional level and there will be some story attached to them. What I ultimately love is a wardrobe that has very little in it but where everything in it is beautiful and are things that I've consciously chosen and things I'm connected to."

Conversation with actress Amy Straker.